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With digital technology paving the way of the future, the need to visually stand out is becoming more important than ever.  We bring every advantage to you to establish, enhance and protect your personal or professional image and position you in your desired marketplace. Simply put, we are visual development strategists and consider ourselves your strategic partner with the sole objective of creating a demand for your products and services.

Our founder & executive director, Dayna E. Rouse began providing services in 1992 as an independent freelance graphic design company working for Chicagoland area based companies, non-profit organizations and local patrons as well.

Part of our design process is getting to know you, your business or organization and most importantly…your vision.In today’s world, we are overwhelmed with an immeasurable amount of visual information everyday. Thus, it is paramount to catch and hold the attention of consumers. At Artographx Creative Agency, we use a unique approach. We visually communicate the very best your organization has to offer. “IMAGE IS EVERTHING” especially in today’s sophisticated marketplace.

Your image has a crucial impact upon consumers because you want “the message to reflect the messenger”. Artographx can create an outstanding message…pure and simple.

How can a designer effectively convey on canvas what you see if they have not sought out a vision for it? This is what gives you a unique experience when collaborating with our firm. We love working with our clients to help create their vision!

Our priority is understanding the specific needs of each client and applying them throughout the entire process. What we create is born from a collaboration with our clients, which is why we include them in each step of the process, in order to ensure that our work is exactly what they had in mind. The end result is an inspiring and functional design that will boost their company’s performance.

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