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Approval Form: Headliner

This form will allow the team at Artographx to know whether or not you are ready for your job to be printed/processed. Although we strive to provide the 'perfect' visual for your design needs and first-class service business services, we are human and can make mistakes in the rush to accomodate each customer's design and printing needs. Please be sure to double-check your project(s), documentation(s) and every aspect of the job it includes and let us know if any changes, corrections or additions should be made before we print/process your project.

Artographx Creative Agency and its agents are NOT liable for any errors or omissions after the submission of this SIGNED approval form. Any order replacements due to customer error, will be billed again in excess of 50% up to 200% of the total of the previously paid invoice. In addition, this signature is also acceptance of any additional file revisions or rush fee charges associated with this order.

If we have been approved to print, using your touch screen device or mouse, simply type your complete name and complete the re-CAPTCHA signature. This signature approves us to print the design as-is. 

If you have not approved us to print your proof as-is, simply make your changes and submit the form to us. You will sign once the proof is exactly how you want it and is ready to be printed.

Please Note: ALL apparel sizing must be checked for proper fitting prior to submission. Measurement sizing is available and All sales are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE once the client has signed this job order approval form electronically.

*IMPORTANT*: ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE prior to processing your order. ALL printed items REQUIRE FULL PAYMENT and digital items REQUIRE a 50% deposit to initiate the order and remaining payment in FULL PRIOR to receiving the item for download. Please submit this form in order for your project to be completed. We will NOT print a job or provide completed digital artwork without the REQUIRED 100% payment and a signed and approved form from the customer. 

Are we approved to print and/or process your job according to all of the details listed on this form as well as the final draft of the artwork and/or paperwork you received via email or text?

Thanks for submitting!

Approval Form: Feedback Form
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